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Time is elusive and as time passes it seems that technology also becomes a contemporary element of our lives. Only 100 or even 50 years ago, people were excited about technology that for the new generation already seems ancient. Only few decades ago the technology of the time were a part of peoples’ homes and lives, and symbols of status and luxury, now the old items are disappearing into the junk yards for eternity


What I intend to do with my series of paintings “Tech-Nostalgia” is to bring these earlier appreciated items back to life on the canvas. My intention is to make them visible again, and give them the honour in retrospect. At the same time I am trying to tell the story of time that is slipping away and how these technical objects are gradually disappearing from our apprehension. They are in a way becoming abstracts.


I use transparent colour schemes and abstract geometric shapes. In some of my paintings, I let the humans tell their story. It adds a Nostalgic element and the story becomes complete.

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