I started my career as a journalist, and so telling a story has been a significant part of my life. During the last 20 years, I have lived in several countries on four different continents. Sometimes the foreign languages have limited the possibility to communicate. This is when my other senses open up, and I use my eyes, and images, and even my body language to communicate. That is how I gradually developed my interest in visual communication. 

Now I am fully committed to painting. I find peace and beauty in the simple process of observing: to stop, listen, and look; to sense the emotions and respond to them. All these elements require me to slow down for a moment. By going through the process of observation, I capture moments that I would like to memorise. Observing people, talking to them and learning about their personalities has become my artistic obsession. In a way, I interview them with a brush and gradually find something hidden or overlooked. Sometimes I know people from before and have created a clear vision. Other times I do not know him or her at all. In both cases, they always surprise me in the middle of the painting process, and their characters and moods influence how the paintings turn out in the end. 


I start the painting by trying to capture a gesture, expression or individual uniqueness of this person. It is like meeting a person for the first time. We begin our conversation carefully. Then when we get more comfortable in each other's company, we become more free in our manner of speech. It is exactly how my brushstrokes start carefully and then gradually get more spontaneous and confident. At the completion of the painting, I feel confident as the light and paint fill my canvas. I admire people who have dared to be part of my storytelling and am grateful to them for trusting my artist instincts. 


Some of my paintings takes weeks to finish, while others are completed quickly. One way or the other, the most important goal in all my paintings is to create a mood and tell a story to the viewer.

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